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Central Coast Smash Repairs



At Central Coast Smash Repairs we pride ourselves on our dedicated and talented team. We currently have 3 qualified Panel Beaters and one apprentice panel beater. Our Panel Beaters have been in the industry for many years and therefore bring a wealth of knowledge enabling our quality repairs.



We have a fantastic spray painting team.  We currently have 3 spray painting tradesman and a new apprentice who has just started. Just like our Panel Beating team they are very talented and come with many years of experience with colour matching being their speciality.



We employ a full time car detailer who prides himself on ensuring that your car is returned to you in fantastic condition. We are constantly receiving emails and thank you cards from customers saying how happy they are with the repairs and the way their car was returned to them.


Wheel Repairs

Engine Repairs

Air Conditioning

Electrical Problems

Window Repairs

Radiator Issues

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